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Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Karen Atkins has returned full force to her music career with a new album, In My Room, after 20 years of establishing herself as an expert in natural health and wellness. When her loyal following of 20,000+ fans, students and clients discovered that she had once been a touring musician, the demand for her music skyrocketed.

In My Room displays Karen's signature lyrical clarity, commanding guitar hooks and heart-tugging melodies, with all of the added wisdom she acquired from her years of helping others heal themselves.  

Co-produced by Atkins herself and multi-instrumentalist/producer Xeno, In My Room also features prominent studio musicians, including bassist Reggie Hamilton (Seal, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston) and drummer Curt Bisquera (Elton John, Mick Jagger, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash), with powerhouse engineers Robert L. Smith (David Bowie, U2, Aerosmith) and Vlado Meller (Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers) to complete the picture. 

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An award-winning ethical entrepreneur, Karen is a natural on stage and on screen; she has been a TED Talk speaker and appeared on Good Morning America.

Born in Brooklyn, Karen set the stage for her music career at the age of 2 when she begged her parents for piano lessons.   

At 14, she was invited to be the guitar player of an all female band (Pangaea) that rocked audiences of teenagers on the East Coast, including winning The Battle of The Bands in 1985.    

After recording her first LP while in college, she began gigging and built a solid following in New York City and went on a Europe tour opening for the California Guitar Trio. A few years later, Karen was awarded a prize for The John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the single “On The Way Down.”    

Karen spent the next two decades studying and teaching close to 50 different health and healing modalities from massage to Qi gong and BodyTalk, a consciousness-based healing system. She ran a successful BodyTalk center in Manhattan and traveled the world to offer highly sought-after workshops and seminars. 

In 2011, after settling in the San Francisco Bay Area, Karen started dabbling in the creative process of making music again while beginning to experiment with the effects of different frequencies on the music making process. Without any promotional effort, she posted her music video “You’re My Home” from her album, the Vibration Project, which was awarded Most Positive Video of 2012 in the Posi Music Awards.​  

Special Tuning A = 432 Hz

As a unique dimension to the creation of In My Room, Karen tuned all of the instruments to A = 432 Hz instead of the standard A = 440 Hz. 

432 Hz has been said to have a more harmonious, rounder sound that is more aligned with mathematics occurring in nature - like the fact that seconds, minutes, hours and days all numerically convert to notes in the A = 432 Hz scale.  

“I find it fascinating that there are so many people who feel so passionate about this topic on both sides,” says Atkins. 

“There are people who aggressively claim that 432 tuning is complete ‘bunk’ and on the other side, there are groups like the 432 Chamber Orchestra in Bulgaria who were so strongly affected by tuning their instruments to 432hz, that they now volunteer their time touring Europe playing concerts exclusively in 432 to share what they perceive as healing benefits of this tuning. 

“The majority of music tuned to 432 tends to be more along the lines of pure ‘sound healing’ as opposed to songs you can sing along to, so I wanted to experiment more with folk-pop songs that were also tuned to 432.”  

In her unconventional “Frequency Experiment Tour,” Karen and her team are conducting a research experiment, wherein her audience can provide direct feedback on how they feel before and after listening to the songs in 432 Hz.  

Check out the Tour/Study page for the initial results of the Frequency Experiment!

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