New Album "In My Room"

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Karen Atkins has returned full force to her music career with a new album, In My Room recorded in 432 Hz, after 20 years of establishing herself as an expert in natural health and wellness. 

In My Room displays Karen's signature lyrical clarity, commanding guitar hooks and heart-tugging melodies, with all of the added wisdom she acquired from her years of helping others heal themselves. Co-produced by Atkins herself and multi-instrumentalist/producer Xeno, In My Room also features prominent studio musicians, including bassist Reggie Hamilton (Seal, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston) and drummer Curt Bisquera (Elton John, Mick Jagger, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash) 
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NEWS: In My Room by Karen Atkins listed as one of the TOP 10 Pop CDs of 2017 by the Aquarian Weekly! 🔥

New: Karen Atkins Live Mountain Studio Sessions

Karen's latest album is a foot-tapping, soul-stirring tour de force. Bringing together a stellar group of musicians, they interpret both classic and new songs with originality and depth. The healing harmonic tuning is an incredible added facet to an emotionally satisfying album!”

— Val Mih, jazz pianist (Eddie Gale Band) and animated filmmaker (Pixar)

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You're My Home - Music Video

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