1. The Right Time

From The Recordings Html

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This morning
I'm feeling
The signs that say I should be leaving
It's something
I need to let you know
Though lately
It's been hard to speak my mind
I keep waiting for the right time

Be honest
You know this
The truth is that you're always lying
You tell me
It's only
Just a presentation of the world seen through your eyes
That they really aren't lies

Well that's a story I'm not gonna buy
You tell me that you want me to stay
But baby
I'm on my way

Been feeling
Like leaving
Not happy with the love we're making
You tell me
I need to give it time to grow
But I know that's just your line
Cause you fed it to me last time

I'm seeing
Daylight coming
I have decided I'll be leaving
I'm watching
You sleeping
And I'm wondering
Should I wake you up to say goodbye
But I just don't have the time
I don't have the time
You tell me that you want me to stay
But baby, I'm on my way

Good morning
I'm leaving
I'm calling from the railroad station
Train’s coming
Doors open
I'm boarding
doors closing
It's rolling it's rolling it's rolling it's rolling
I'm gone