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New Release February 2018 // High on Love (Can't Get Too)

High on Love (Can't Get Too) - Official Music Video

Julian - Music Video
Never too young to change the world. #togetherwereunstoppable #trashintotreasure #oceancleanup

Tell Daniel - Music Video
A heart-felt tribute to a dear friend who departed too soon. #overcomedepression #suicideprevention

By Your Side - Music Video
In support of the growing movement towards Solidarity & Unity. #standingrock #sustainableliving

Into Everything - Music Video
A joyful appreciation and celebration of friendship and adventure. #myhappyplace

You're My Home - Music Video
A special love affair between a woman and a mountain. #sleepingladymountain

Can't Hide My Love - Music Video
For friends and lovers who will always be in our heart and soul even if they aren't present in our daily life.

The Right Time - Music Video
When you just need to cut the cord and move on. (From the Movie “Boys” with Winona Ryder)

"In My Room" Promo Video
A sneak peek into the groundbreaking new album In My Room, recorded in 432hz.

Kids' Music Mentorship Programs
A look into what we have brewing for tweens and teens to support their musical endeavors.

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